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Turning to the proof given by Mr Adams
. #"In regard of this assertion..... once more, Mr Cottis neglects to make reference to that his significant other, Olivia Cottis, knows about the home, having gone to gatherings all alone according to the matter, and having been engaged with the home for a long time. It isn't tenable that neither Mrs Cottis nor Ms Bethel at his office knows the whereabouts of the documents real estate lawyer identifying with this domain." , Justice Charles noticed the charges that Mr Cottis had met Lennox Paton's Christopher Jenkins and Sebastian Masnyk to examine the domain on March 9, 2020. What's more, "an independent Mr Cottis" accordingly went to a December 2020 gathering at Deltec Bank and Trust where Lennox Paton accomplice David Johnstone was additionally present. #"Mr Cottis has been seen driving his vehicle at different focuses during 2020 by various people," the judgment added. "Mr Cottis chipped away at in any event two conveyancing exchanges among July and November 2020, with lawyers Simon Lowe from King and Co and Alastair Chisnall from Graham Thompson and Co addressing the dealers in those exchanges, and Mr Cottis addressing the buyers. #"Mr Cottis was sending nitty gritty correspondence with the legal trustee's lawyers, Delaney Partners, in June and July 2020 according to a matter identified with the domain identifying with an organization called Bellwood, which he stayed an overseer of after his abdication in May 2019." #Declining to give a decision on the new proof before her, Justice Charles stated: "Mr Cottis currently looks for 'another unique opportunity'. Allowing Mr Cottis to contend new ground or to put forth another defense isn't admissible.   #"Litigants can't be permitted limitless chomps at the cherry or, in all likelihood there will be no irrevocability in prosecution. Furthermore, if such new grounds were to be engaged, this could well open the conduits to various utilizations of this nature which the Court can't face." #She added: "In my judgment, it is Mr Adams who is being looted of his entitlement to a reasonable preliminary inside a sensible season of his case by reason of the disappointment of Mr Cottis to try and give revelation and start the cycle of case the executives.  

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