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My Plans Worksheet Where the Objective's Timeline permits you to get down to the quick and dirty of your group's exercises, the My Plans part of the Goals application is intended to give you the overall outline. You get all the essential data in a succinct and smaller structure for advantageous objective administration. See all that is happening on your venture initially, no fine subtleties or details particulars. 1 View your group's Objectives in general and Key Results and their situations with 2 Deal with all Key Success Factors (KPIs and financial plan) in one spot FAQ: What is KPI FAQ: What is Worksheet The executives with Sprints While making another Objective in the KeepSolid Goals application, you can pick to empower Sprints in it. Pick shrewdly - you will not have the option to adjust your perspective later! In the event that you empower Sprints, they will end up being an extraordinary guide for task the executives through Kanban loads up and Timeline. A Sprint is a repeatable fixed time-box during which a finished, or "Done" (of the greatest conceivable quality) item is made. It's a spine of the Agile objective administration - to divide your large massive Objectives and Key Results into more modest, more sensible Sprints (assignments of the said time-boxed length). 1 View Sprints in the Kanban tab
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2 View Sprints in the Timeline tab FAQ: What is Sprint FAQ: What is Kanban Target Maps Picture your business Objectives and Key Results with Mind Maps. Utilize adaptable psyche map creator apparatus of the Goals App to make mind maps on the web. Objective laying out and objective administration have never been as instinctive and clear! 1 Characterize Global Objective 2 Set Key Results and Tasks with Mind Maps FAQ: How to set Key Results Group Collaboration Make groups, deal with their piece, appoint explicit individuals to explicit Objectives or Tasks. You can welcome new colleagues to the Goals application by means of email or through connection and start. Begin working together with your group directly from the underlying objective setting stage, add more individuals at later focuses, and welcome Guest individuals to feature key parts of your objective administration process. 1 Add your Team Members 2 Appoint Objectives, Key Results, Tasks 3 Switch between Teams 4 Get Email warnings FAQ: How to welcome colleagues FAQ: How to appoint errands FAQ: What is Guest job Kanban Task Management KeepSolid Goals application permits you to oversee undertakings through their life cycle. Plan Sprints and keep tabs on your development toward put out objectives with Kanban sheets. 1 Plan Sprints 2 Use Kanban Boards FAQ: How to design Sprints FAQ: How to utilize Kanban Boards Courses of events Goal Management With Timelines in the Goals application, you can precisely set, focus on, time, and track progress on your Objectives, arrange them into effectively sensible units, which implies a more refined control.  

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